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Category: Databases

  • Using Navicat with SSH Tunnel

    A basic principle of security is to expose as little attack vectors as possible. The more different ways to hit our infrastructure, the harder it will be to protect it. Thus, I always block the MySQL port (3306) by default. This means, however, that direct connection from our PC to the MySQL or MariaDB database…

  • Switching from MySQL to MariaDB

    Switching from MySQL to MariaDB

    Many years ago Michael Widenius created MySQL, a free, open source implementation of the industry standard database query language SQL. Along with the also open source PHP and Apache, MySQL became the de facto standard for hobbyists to build their projects on in the nascent World Wide Web, a popularity which led Oracle to acquire…

  • Backup your MySQL database to OVH storage

    This post was updated on 9th September 2022 Backups: one of those things nobody thinks about until it’s too late. Even when we are keeping local backups, natural disasters may happen. So, if we really want to keep our data safe, off-site back ups are a must. Moreover, this will free resources in our production…