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Practical recipes for FreeBSD

Category: System

  • Copy files between servers with SCP

    Need to move large files from one server to another? It’s time to grow out of WinSCP and skip the middleman. Copying from server to server is easier than you think!

  • SSMTP, or e-mail delivery made simple

    One of the most notorious features of FreeBSD is the inclusion of Sendmail, an ancient SMTP server that has its origins in the early eighties. The complexity of its configuration and the security risk it poses leads to many tutorials to recommend disabling it straight away, by setting sendmail_enable to NO in rc.conf. This setting disables the e-mail reception features, … Read the rest

  • Updating FreeBSD

    Updating FreeBSD

    It’s often during my freelance gigs that I come across clients using dinosaur age versions of FreeBSD, requiring to spend hours to bring the OS and applications to a minimum usable standard. So today I’d like to show you, my potential future clients *wink*, how to keep your system in top condition.

    (By the way, sometimes my clients are not … Read the rest

  • Keeping your logs tidy

    If you’ve ever run a fairly busy webserver on FreeBSD -or you just happen to have particularly badly written code spamming the error log, such as some wordpress based plugin spaghetti- you probably found yourself into the situation where your logs grow out of proportion. Or maybe you ran software that went into some sort of endless restart loop until … Read the rest

  • FreeBSD network setup for VMs in OVH

    One of the reasons why FreeBSD fans are not very fond of OVH is the fact that networking will simply not work out of the box when you create a virtualization guest. In my case I have used Proxmox, but these instructions should work with any other virtualization host.

    Installing FreeBSD is otherwise very straightforward and I won’t cover that … Read the rest