FreeBSD is Fun

Practical recipes for FreeBSD

  • Coloring your shell


    If you are like me and enjoy spending time fiddling with FreeBSD, or you want to make it a bit harder to avoid making mistakes because you edited the wrong file or something, it pays off to set up some coloring in your FreeBSD shell. Not for the aesthetics, but to identify easier: who we are (user), where we … Read the rest

  • Your own NGINX web server

    This is an updated version of a tutorial originally posted in Metin2Dev in 2014.

    Today I will explain how to set up the nginx webserver in FreeBSD. While Apache has a long tradition, it has been overtaken performance wise by newer, more robust software like nginx, as can be seen in this comparison graph depicting both web server’s ability … Read the rest

  • Basic SSH security

    This tutorial was first published in 2014 in Metin2Dev. I have corrected a few bits, but the procedures are exactly the same as 10 years ago.

    Today I will show you how to make your server safer easily while at the same time avoiding having to type your login and password every time you want to work on it. … Read the rest

My name is Juan and I’m a spaniard living in Poland. My goal with this site is to make FreeBSD more approachable for beginners by explaining how to accomplish simple tasks.

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