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Practical recipes for FreeBSD

About me

This page contains a bunch of tutorials and articles that I wrote for myself and for several hobbyist forums between 2012 and today. During this time I worked administrating various types of application and database servers and getting to know FreeBSD more or less intimately, first out of need and eventually by choice, as the beauty of this operating system revealed itself to me. And despite my lack of formal education on such arcane topics, I tried to teach others about little bits of information that I managed to figure out after a lot of googling and trial and error, practical tasks that might seem banal to the experts but make life easier for us outsiders.

Choosing BSD because of its libertarian license is almost a political statement; my reasons are much more mundane. I want nothing of the so-called freedom of choice granted to Linux users, that results in that desperate typing of commands in hope of finding something familiar every time we have to deal with an unknown distribution or even a newer version of one we are familiar with.

I hope you find here something of use and enjoy using FreeBSD as much as I do.


E-mail: [email protected]
Discord: @shogun_san