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  • Installing FreeBSD in OVH dedicated

    French giant OVH is, at least at the moment of writing these lines, the largest dedicated server provider worldwide. So it only makes sense that we want our system of choice to work out of the box with their dedicated server line, named by the marketing guys as Bare Metal to difference it from their offerings in the vaporous and … Read the rest

  • Backup your MySQL database to OVH storage

    This post was updated on 9th September 2022

    Backups: one of those things nobody thinks about until it’s too late. Even when we are keeping local backups, natural disasters may happen. So, if we really want to keep our data safe, off-site back ups are a must. Moreover, this will free resources in our production server.

    Fortunately for those of … Read the rest

  • FreeBSD network setup for VMs in OVH

    One of the reasons why FreeBSD fans are not very fond of OVH is the fact that networking will simply not work out of the box when you create a virtualization guest. In my case I have used Proxmox, but these instructions should work with any other virtualization host.

    Installing FreeBSD is otherwise very straightforward and I won’t cover that … Read the rest